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10 Steps to finding a healthier new you

Posted by Kerziah Del Rio on

  1. Get in the zone! Having extra weight can be hard to shift. But you need to change your mindset and get determined to do it. 100% focus on the goal. So stay in the zone and you’ll find that you we soon shift the weight.
  2. Find a buddy! Being around like minded people helps you stay accountable. surrounding your self with positive people will lift you to success.
  3. Every little bit helps. What ever your long term goal is, it’s going to be much more attainable if you break it down into smaller goals. So be patient with your self. If you want to manage your weight, shifting just 10% of your body weight if your obese or overweight can give you enormous health benefits. It will lower the strain on your heart, Helps reduce your blood pressure. Eating healthier and exercising can also lower your cholesterol levels. Especially including more fibre in your diet. We have a fibre that you can drink - USANA Fibergy. The recommended amount of fibre is 30G of fibre a day.
  4. You’ll reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. according to the Diabetes Australia if you're overweight, you’re most likely to develop type 2 diabetes. So even by committing to lose even a little bit of weight it can boost your health. Focus on eating low GI Food. We have a healthy range of LOW GI products.
  5. Carrying too much weight stresses your joints. This is especially true for the weight bearing joints like hips and knees.Getting within a healthy weight range for your height decreases the added pressure and may improve pain and symptoms associated with osteoarthritis.
  6. Healthy eating habits are contagious. So set a great example for those around you and especially for your children. So pass on good habits.
  7. Track your progress. Don’t over do it. track your progress weekly measure your chest, waist sand hips. Don’t for get to congratulate yourself for the progress that you’ve made.
  8. Make exercise part of your life. Make it a point to move daily. If you catch a bus to work, get off one stop earlier. If you have an elevator at work maybe try walking up the stairs instead.
  9. Add more whole foods to your diet. Have a a plate of more vegetables than protein.
  10. Reduce your meat and dairy intake. This can help reduce your caloric intake and decrease cholesterol.
Get started today and discover a healthier YOU
10 things to healthier you

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